Taking Animal Welfare Seriously

Keeping our mink healthy , comfortable and content is top priority. Canadian farmers understand that we have a responsibility to provide good welfare to our animals. In return it offers us farm viability.

Certifur Canada was a mink industry initiative undertaken in conjunction with the NFACC (National Farm Animal Care Council) to develop an on-farm animal care assessment program based on the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Farmed Mink. Certifur Canada was developed in collaboration with veterinarians, animal welfare representatives, researchers, government representatives and producers. An independent auditor visits all farms participating in the program to perform an annual farm audit.

The role of the third-party auditor is to verify that Certifur Canada criteria are met on farm, and identify any gaps. Evidence that Certifur Canada requirements are met includes observation of animals and pens, walkabout on farm, review written procedures, records, and interviews with the farm manager and employees.

Certifur Canada provides assurances to buyers and consumers that animal care standards are being met. Participants are assisted in meeting their management goals for the welfare of the animals in their care and their achievements are recognized. Certifur Canada provides a mechanism for continuous improvement in animal care and welfare.