Certifur Canada is part of the global certification program known as FURMARK.

FURMARK is the comprehensive global certification and traceability system for natural fur that guarantees animal welfare and environmental standards.

It encompasses a number of individual certification programs. Each program has a specific, independently-developed science-based protocol or standard. The respective programs are then subject to third-party assessment and certified by a recognized certification body.

The certification system itself also includes a traceability component (accessible to the consumer) and a quality mark (indicating certification).

FURMARK products are traceable, verified, and guaranteed to have met recognized standards. With FURMARK stages of the supply chain are subject to certification, third-party assessment, and traceability.

FURMARK provides designers and manufacturers with the reassurance that they need to work with fur - and consumers with the reassurance they need to confidently buy and wear fur.

When purchasing a FURMARK certified product, you can be assured that the furs have met national and international animal welfare and environmental standards.

Visit the FURMARK website for more information.